Panic Peak, a Cli-Fi Novel

Panic Peak Book CoverHow can a single glacier grow dramatically while hundreds are shrinking around the world?

This paradox confronts a young glaciologist Kate Landry as she looks down at her research site buried under shocking mounds of new snow. Little does she know that Mount Olympus is in the bulls-eye for a sophisticated geoengineering experiment being conducted by a scientist who has convinced a secretive international oil cartel to fund his dubious climate modification techniques. While Kate struggles to understand why the glacier is growing and begins to unravel the entire nefarious scheme, she also struggles to avoid the unraveling of her developing relationship with social psychologist Grant Poole. The more Kate uncovers on the glacier, the more her own life is at risk.

Can she expose the unethical and dangerous geoengineering operation without being caught before she’s stopped? And at what risk to her life?

Praise for Panic Peak

“Come for the story and stay for the science in this chilling cli-fi thriller. It’s fascinating how Liggett weaves the two together. I couldn’t put Panic Peak down.” — Margaret Mizushima, author of the award-winning Timber Creek K-9 Mysteries, including Standing Dead

“A must-read for anyone curious about the science of geoengineering and its potential impact on our world. This novel seamlessly blends entertainment and thrill with education. The characters’ journeys unfold against a backdrop of scientific exploration and ethical dilemmas, offering a unique perspective that engages both the lay reader and the scientifically inclined.” — Radwiga (Yaga) Richter, Special Projects Lead to the NCAR Director

“This sequel to Watermelon Snow is an engaging plot-driven thriller which pits two climate scientists against each other, leading to a regional climate catastrophe, danger and death. I loved the first chapter. The images of the rain and the disaster were vivid and riveting. By the third chapter, I was hooked and could not put my iPad down.” — Judith Auer, DMA, Performer/Professor/Stage director


Also in the Warming World Adventures series, WATERMELON SNOW.